My Life In Words

Who Am I?

Four call me Mommy. If you are reading this,then chances are I call you Friend(or you have the potential to be one!), let’s keep it that way,shall we? Otherwise,maybe you should leave my playground!

I have 4  wonderful, smart, polite, plays well with others never whines eats all their veggies ,super cuddle bugs,great swimmers,clean up their room every day without being told kids!! 9 1/2 yr old boy,5 yr old boy , 3  1/2yr old girl, and a brand new baby boy born in July.

I was dx with bipolar shortly after my first child was born in 2001. If that offends you in some odd way,then you should probably leave! 🙂 Each day is a struggle and a challenge as i try to cope with how it effects me,and in some every imaginable way my family too.

If you are here with poor intentions, then you must be very bored! Go play elsewhere! You’re not paying me to entertain you,or are you? *kisses*

 I don’t tolerate fakers,drama queens, or those out to troll for info with which to gossip. People like that have no life to speak of, and are low class.I choose not to surround myself,nor my family with the likes of such trash.

I love meeting new ppl and reading your comments. Especially if you have enjoyed something i have posted,or learned something new. I know i have learned new things myself just by browsing others blogs! Fun stuff when insomnia kicks in!

My time in the blog world began in January of 2006! I started out on myspace, but after more than a year over there i got bored…a dangerous thing!! i spent hours upon hours transferring every single blog from there to HERE! it was crazy times!!

I mainly blog about just typcal things that happen in our family, especially the funny stuff and the milestones;but also the not so good stuff. I’ll also share my thoughts on consumer products that we use and like/dislike.

Above all else i am honest, and say what’s on my mind-gets me in trouble all the time! haha I’d love to talk to you if you need help or just a shoulder to lean on….take a chance and you might find in me a friend for life! *smile*



2 Responses to "Who Am I?"

Hey Kelly! I was finally able to log on over here. SO ADD ME 🙂

Can you tell me how you got feedjit to work on your site?? Ive tried and tried!!

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