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sshhh,i bought a christmas gift for my dd-a dress up outfit with heels and girly stuff! she needs it in this house of boys!!


we sort of had mothers day a day early. kerry took the boys out shopping with him and when he got back i was showered with gifts.

he bought me a plant i never heard of until today-i actually had to look it up to find out more about it! lol! luckily for my not so green thumb it is a very resilient plant! Yucca Cane

the above will take you to an online photo showing what mine sort of looks like. it will have flowers on the end too-at least that is what the care tag says will happen!!

i also got a garmin GPS that talks to me and does so many cool things-i had fun playing with it calculates fuel used,if you excessively stop and go/brake, if you’re not getting enough MPG’s for your vehicle and all sorts of neat stuff! i can’t wait to go out and try to get lost now!! HAHAHA.

we also got a new home printer for the computer. not really a mothers day gift tho. the old one broke last month after a recycled ink cartridge leaked inside. 😦 we got our moneys worth out of that printer tho that’s for sure! he bought it during the christmas season about 5 years ago for less than $30!! not bad to last that long!

and the boys picked me out a very pretty small flowering plant,almost looks like an african violet but it’s not!! lol

tomorrow we will be relaxing in the florida sunshine by the pool. hopefully the water won’t be as cold as it has been and i can enjoy some much needed the kids have been swimming but it has been too chilly for me! would looooove to take some pressure off my hips and back!

back in march(my 3rd grader) jakobs school sent home order forms for mothers day cakes. you pre paid for them if you wanted your kid to decorate them for mothers day and part of the cost went directly to the school.

so i paid for two and reminded him one was for me and one for my mom(his nana). so friday the bakery people from publix were at school to help the kids decorate the cakes…. cute 8 inch heart shaped cakes with pink frosting piping.

so he comes home and right away apologizes. and i’m like what happened? and he said i sort of dropped your cake,but there’s a note on top for you. so i look at the note that he had written and taped to the once upside down cake… went something like this:

sometimes we have to go to other classrooms during the day and today i got bumped in the hallway. the cake fell to the ground and got pretty messed up.i’m sorry. PS- this one is yours mom!

omg i laughed so hard! i looked at him and said and why can’t this one be for nana? it doesn’t have a name on it! he said because it’s yours!

 LMFAO! gotta love him! and it really was sweet of him to write me a note about what happened.hahahaha.

i’ll get pix of them tomorrow hopefully!

saturday i took all the kids to lakeland for a childrens festival at the kids hands on museum,a place we all really love! most of the activities were outside in the park across from the museum so we did that before going inside.

i kept my camera in my shorts pocket and i had the stroller with me too just in case one of the littles acted up and needed to be contained!lol

after we went inside i reached for my camera and realized it was GONE! my heart dropped and i panicked. MY CAMERA!! it can’t be,i can’t lose my camera! OMG! so i grabbed the kids up and we went back outside to the park to re trace our steps. i knew it had to have fallen out of my pocket when we sat a a table for lunch but it wasn’t there. so we started walking around the park and headed to the bounce house area. i was in the midst of reprimanding lukas who had no qualms about screaming and throwing a tantrum in front of hundreds of people. and really,i could care less if he tries it in public cause after 3(almost 4 kids) it doesn’t phase me-i will still reprimand/punish my children no matter the location and i’ll be damned if people staring will stop me. jakob got a clue a couple years ago,lukas has yet to catch on! haha.

so i didn’t notice at first but this couple were walking straight towards me and the guy has his hand stretched out in front of him holding something….yupper!! MY CAMERA! omg i stopped dead in my tracks and was speechless. he said they had been walking around looking for me and they knew it was mine because they reviewed the pix i had on there and recognized ‘the cute little girl with the barrettes in her hair’ -YAY. i could have kissed their feet i was so happy. i really thought it was gone for good. i guess i’ve lost faith in people lately but there is STILL good out there by golly,there really IS!!  i couldn’t thank them enough!!

so i think it was just my time for good things to come my way! i’ve been giving away a lot of items the past month on my website , as RAK(random act of kindness) and to PIF(pay it forward). i truly think it paid off! what goes around came around for me when i really needed it. i just couldn’t stop thinking how lucky i was for the rest of that day.i was amazed at the couple,i mean they found it(near the table where i thought it was lost)and instead of just turning it in somewhere they sought me out by taking up THEIR time and walking around the festival trying to find me. luckily erika was in the stroller and easy to spot when they did see me. talk about being in the right spot at the right time!


do you tweet,twitter, or heck are you a twit? then ADD ME!! my handle is asqueakyfoot -just like that, no spaces!! can’t wait to connect! i don’t guarantee anything majorly mind blowing, but hey-take a chance ya just might like it!! 😉

erika got the disney store tink set as a christmas present from family friends last yr! all we need is a head pc,some white tights and probably green wings.i think a boo boo was made when the blue wings were chosen?

this was her first try on last week. she got it on,looked at me and exclaimed-mommy,look at me!i look pretty!! boy did she!!

lukas is using his light up cptn america from last yr.he loves it! adding the shield this yr too! jakob will be a really cool red and black ninja.


erika is doing so well with potty training. but at times of resistance we offer her a lollipop if she goes on the potty and keeps her undies dry.

so today this is how it went down:

mommy i have to potty.mommy i have to potty.

(she runs to the potty,starts to tug at her undies then stops and runs back to me)

mommy,lollipop okay ? after i stopped giggling i said ok and she ran back to the potty and did her business and proclaims i get a lollipop now!

the little stinker wanted to be sure she was going to get a lollipop BEFORE she did her business!! holy moly!! she is a pistol!!! i think it’s time to wean her of the potty rewards like ASAP!!

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