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sshhh,i bought a christmas gift for my dd-a dress up outfit with heels and girly stuff! she needs it in this house of boys!!


isaak had his 2 month dr visit today to check on his apnea issues and a few other lil things.

well, i was right…yeast infection on his neck.dr says keep using the lamisil once a day and the other rashes are like i thought-contact dermatitis and the stork bite on the back of his head is ok even though it has gotten bigger and bright red.

i guessed right- he is 22 inches(my ds2 was 22 inches at birth! lol). and he weighs 10.8!! so he has gained 4 pounds since birth-not too shabby!! icon_heartbeat.gif he is right about 50%th for weight and only about 25%th for height…short and chunky like mama! icon_mrgreen.gif

his head measures 15—lmfao cause ds2,his head at BIRTH was 15!! yea and VAGINAL birth it was horrific to say the least esp with the epidural that did not work,i’m still not over it!! icon_redface.gif

he got 3 shots and i felt so unsure about agreeing to them….ugh.i declined the hep b at the hospital cause did you know it is to protect against an std and only is good til 13yrs of age(about)so i told them if my kid is having sex before 13yrs he has more to worry about with ME than an std!! lol but todays shot was a combo-hep b was mixed in with polio and one other one…he got 5 vaccines and 3 pokes omg that is just too much for little ones icon_sad.gif it is such a hard choice to make with vaccines nowadays i am so worried. we have so manytough choices tomake as parents nowadays.

while waiting for the shots i had him over my shoulder and he was getting hungry so he started sucking on his forearm and OMG did he give himself the biggest darkest hickey!! lmao. i took a photo with my cell phone…goin to try and figure how to upload it later on…or take another with the digi.

the dr thought his cloth diapers were ‘way cool’. lol 😉 i’ve finally gotten confident enough to use cloth outside the home too since they hold so well and we have less leaks with cloth than disposable-even at NIGHT when wearing it for many hours straight!

almost 2 months old 9/25 wearing a small fuzzibunz

erika is doing so well with potty training. but at times of resistance we offer her a lollipop if she goes on the potty and keeps her undies dry.

so today this is how it went down:

mommy i have to potty.mommy i have to potty.

(she runs to the potty,starts to tug at her undies then stops and runs back to me)

mommy,lollipop okay ? after i stopped giggling i said ok and she ran back to the potty and did her business and proclaims i get a lollipop now!

the little stinker wanted to be sure she was going to get a lollipop BEFORE she did her business!! holy moly!! she is a pistol!!! i think it’s time to wean her of the potty rewards like ASAP!!


my sweet erika has turned 16 months old(the 27th)!! and the day before doing so-on august 26th she thought- HEY,i think i’ll walk today!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so she beat out lukas by like a day! lol he was 16m when he decided to walk regularly!! jakob was 12m when he took off. funny thing,she already is trying to run!! it’s so awesome,you’d think i wasn’t mom to 3 kids with how cool and giddy it makes me watching her toddle around!!

there’s 2 short vids in this entry of her first steps!! in one of them she is seen signing for ‘more’!! awww

welp,i’ve got us down to only nursing before bed now! i’m ready to quit when she is! if she takes much longer i may make that move though! lol i am so ready for some stronger pain pills.ugh! several times a day she will come up to me and pull up my shirt while speaking and signing milk. but she doesn’t want to nurse,she just wants to be sure they are still there i guess! haha

she is talking up a storm now too! and she is a MONKEY! climbing everything and anything! omg! ya she has given me another 20 grays just this month!! she looooooves to give kisses and play with cars!! she’s still not really into dolls or anything ‘girly’.understandable as she does have 2 older brothers and a mommy that isn’t super girly! but i’ve got a surprise coming for her at christmas!!! sshhh!!! 😉

she loves to sing when she hears music,it’s so funny!! she is still anti tv-a good thing!! the boys fight over it enough as it is,i don’t need her in the mix just yet!! lol

when the boys are trying to maim one another on a rough day,she is the calm in the storm.she totally helps ease my stress! altho….now that she is walking this very well may change!!! AAHHHH

she has moved up to size large in her cloth diapers. i was totally ok with this-as it meant i could BUY NEW ONES!! 😉 the great thing about cloth is the re sale value is super on most of the ones we use! she still fits a size 3 for paper dipes tho at night time. but her feet are sooooo close to being in a size 4 shoe!!!

today instead of screaming when she wanted more mamelon(watermelon),she looked at me and signed for more as she said more!! yippee!! lukas gets as excited as i do when he sees her sign! he said mommy mommy let’s call daddy and tell him what erika just did!! hehe




she has 6 teeth now!! 🙂 slowly but surely!! lol

my baby girl is 14 months old today 🙂 i love this stage!! she is so silly!!

she is finally starting to walk while we hold her hands,so she may beat lukas-whom was 16m when he started walking! 😉

we’re down to 2-3 nursings per day now.she is very particular about when she wants to nurse!lol

her speech has seemed to explode just this past week! she can say:

night night
bye bye
milk(tho the k is silent! lol)
kitty cat
what’s that?
uh huh
uh uh
apple(with an extra p at the beginning!)
mum mum-her fave snack!

the signs are coming along slowly but surely. she clearly understands more of them than she herself is using.the fave still remains as ‘milk’.

she looooves to initiate a good game of peek a boo! omg she loves it!! she’ll use her hands or a toy or anything she can to cover her eyes and play!! she is blowing kisses,and loves to do the indian sound with her palm up to her mouth. and she LOVES to play with cars and the like!!! hahaha! the boys are loving that! she will play with her FP pink bus forever on the floor! crawling around while pushing it all over the house!!i pity the fool who tries to take it away from her! *ahem* lukas* 😉

we’re up to 4 teeth now!!and some more aren’t too far behind!

she looooves to go in the pool! she is by far my lil fishy!!

when she doesn’t get her way she clenches both fists and shakes them at her side while grunting and her face turns red! it is a riot!! mostly this is done when she wants whatever food someone else is eating!! she loves pb&j,mac n cheese,mandarin oranges,corn,peas,bread,beans,apples-whole apples,not sliced or cut or de skinned!!…heck-there isn’t anything the girl won’t eat!!

lukas and erika have a very evident bond between them.i love watching it evolve! and thankfully,jakob is starting to show more interest in her recently.he likes to pick her up and sit her on the couch with him.they each have a different, yet special relationship with her right now.

we’re still cloth diapering tho i admit i have gotten lazy with it. with all the time we are spending at pools i just throw a sposie on her rather than keep dirty dipes out in the hot sun for the day.

her feet are still itty bitty-a size 3!! lol i love her bitty feet!! and her voice!!! it is sooooo cute!! she just talks and talks and talks(baby garble!),and her voice is the sweetest thing!!!


my baby had her 1 year visit today. she weighs 18 pounds and 4 ounces and is 27 1/2 inches tall! her head is 18 inches-big noggin like her daddy! 😉 she wore socks that were 0-6 months in size today!lol her feet are so stinkin cute and tiny!

the doc didn’t hear her heart murmer anymore!! yippee!!! 🙂 we talked about her gene simmons tongue and he said so long as it fits in her mouth and doesn’t seem to hinder speech it will be ok. if it seems to cause issues in the future we can revisit the discussion.

she is walking with the fisher price walker lion thingy and has started cruising too!! we are still going strong with breastfeeding!!!! and cloth diapering!! 🙂 i thought for sure about 6wks ago she was about to wean but i was wrong. she has perm. dropped a daytime feeding though,so we are down to about 4 times a day now.

this girl can EAT!! it is amazing what one little tooth can accomplish! lol grapes,watermelon,canteloupe,meatloaf,mandarin oranges,peaches,pasta salad,mac n cheese,cole slaw-it is endless!!! her fave food seems to be mac n cheese and mandarin oranges right now.

she loves to play at the lego table and with the million leapfrog magnets we have on the inside of the front door. she also really loves the leapfrog learning table,i’m glad we still had this from when lukas was a babe!

she is a babbling brook when it comes to vocals! she hasn’t really added any new words but she tries to mimic everything we say and nearly always gets the voice influction 100% correct!! she tries so very hard to say jakob too!! let’s see….. dada,nana,kitty cat,night night,uh huh,eat,done. she hasn’t picked up on the baby signs as quickly as lukas did. i think partly due to kerry not doing them as much as he should. she of course signs milk and understands several more. she has done eat a few times too and tried to do more but it ends up being a clap! hehe

she is a great baby! very social,yet very intense at the same time. she seems pretty easy going around new ppl but won’t open up right away with them. she also hates having her hands,more so her wrists-touched! it’s weird,she twirls her hands and yanks them away if you try to grab them. BUT if she is the one to initiate the contact it’s acceptable!! haha when she nurses if i lay my arm on her side she reaches back there and yanks it off!!! she is very particular! she is ok if i lay it on her butt or cradle her head tho.

her carseat is STILL on the lowest strap settings-same one as the day she was born! lol

i had her 1 yr photos done on saturday.i HATE waiting for them!they won’t be ready til the 9th. i can’t wait!!

all her birthday party pix are in the smugmug gallery 🙂 we had a blast!!

hehe.that is what a onesie says that erika has! 😉 along with her- my daddy plays with my food, and one that says- this isn’t the first time i’ve worn this diaper! cute stuff.

but nothing to do with the point of this blog,surprised?? lmao

i gave lil miss e some non mommy milk wasn’t nearly as hard on me as i thought it would be. i put 3 oz of dairyease in her sippy. she ended up drinking every drop. initially she was VERY hesitant and looked at me all funny P,as if to say this is NOT mommy milk,this stuff is cold and in a cup!

then after dinner i gave her another 3oz which she also downed! o dairyease has a sort of sweet taste to it so i think that made her accept it easily.

she hasn’t been nursing much the past 2 days-which is common at certain times of the month, but she wouldn’t even latch a couple times and she was acting constipated too. i wanted to be sure she got enough fluids.she seems to handle it well. we’ll see tomorrow……

i don’t plan on fully weaning her just yet-unless that is what she plans to do! lol but i can cut out the afternoon nursing at least-which is the one she rarely spends more than 2minutes on anyways.

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