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erika to daddy: how come you didn’t give isaak your booby today? he wanted your milk!



the other day i overheard this coming from lukas(5) and directed towards erika(3)……

erika,you don’t seem to understand! i am older than you. that means you HAVE to respect me,do you get it now???

omg i couldn’t stop laughing! poor lukas!! erika just looked at him as she walked away continuing about her business.


erika loves to rub my belly and talk about how she is going to hold her baby over her shoulder and pat his back ‘when he comes out’. every day she asks if he is coming out!! lol

tonight she rubbed all over my belly and tickled it telling me she was making the baby giggle in my tummy. then she leaned in and gave my belly a kiss while saying-i love you baby!!

then she points to my belly button and says-that’s how the baby got in there mommy! you see him? he is right in there!!

she REALLY wants to change his diapers too! lmao. and to be honest-she is good at it!! lol all her dolls and stuffed animals wear either a diaper or pull up-perfectly applied!


lukas points to my new printer and says:

mommy why does daddy love you so much that he bought that for you?

i reply: because he just does.(original huh?)

lukas gets this sweet grin on his face and looks me in the eye and says:

well,i bet he doesn’t love you as much as *I* do!!

guess who got dessert tonight? LMFAO

back in march(my 3rd grader) jakobs school sent home order forms for mothers day cakes. you pre paid for them if you wanted your kid to decorate them for mothers day and part of the cost went directly to the school.

so i paid for two and reminded him one was for me and one for my mom(his nana). so friday the bakery people from publix were at school to help the kids decorate the cakes…. cute 8 inch heart shaped cakes with pink frosting piping.

so he comes home and right away apologizes. and i’m like what happened? and he said i sort of dropped your cake,but there’s a note on top for you. so i look at the note that he had written and taped to the once upside down cake… went something like this:

sometimes we have to go to other classrooms during the day and today i got bumped in the hallway. the cake fell to the ground and got pretty messed up.i’m sorry. PS- this one is yours mom!

omg i laughed so hard! i looked at him and said and why can’t this one be for nana? it doesn’t have a name on it! he said because it’s yours!

 LMFAO! gotta love him! and it really was sweet of him to write me a note about what happened.hahahaha.

i’ll get pix of them tomorrow hopefully!

JAKOB- mom, who is older you or kerry?

ME- well,what do YOU think? who looks older?

JAKOB- sits quietly staring at me

ME- think carefully before you answer my darling son!

we both laughed so hard he never did answer the question.hmmm,probably just as well!! haha


erika got the disney store tink set as a christmas present from family friends last yr! all we need is a head pc,some white tights and probably green wings.i think a boo boo was made when the blue wings were chosen?

this was her first try on last week. she got it on,looked at me and exclaimed-mommy,look at me!i look pretty!! boy did she!!

lukas is using his light up cptn america from last yr.he loves it! adding the shield this yr too! jakob will be a really cool red and black ninja.


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