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if you haven’t seen this site yet, check it out!! each day they add incredible limited time sales-sometimes up to 90% off retail!!!

click here to check it out and let me know what you score!!!!

you will get a credit by clicking my link so you can get something for NOTHING!! 🙂 fair warning-you will become addicted~

sshhh,i bought a christmas gift for my dd-a dress up outfit with heels and girly stuff! she needs it in this house of boys!!


we sort of had mothers day a day early. kerry took the boys out shopping with him and when he got back i was showered with gifts.

he bought me a plant i never heard of until today-i actually had to look it up to find out more about it! lol! luckily for my not so green thumb it is a very resilient plant! Yucca Cane

the above will take you to an online photo showing what mine sort of looks like. it will have flowers on the end too-at least that is what the care tag says will happen!!

i also got a garmin GPS that talks to me and does so many cool things-i had fun playing with it calculates fuel used,if you excessively stop and go/brake, if you’re not getting enough MPG’s for your vehicle and all sorts of neat stuff! i can’t wait to go out and try to get lost now!! HAHAHA.

we also got a new home printer for the computer. not really a mothers day gift tho. the old one broke last month after a recycled ink cartridge leaked inside. 😦 we got our moneys worth out of that printer tho that’s for sure! he bought it during the christmas season about 5 years ago for less than $30!! not bad to last that long!

and the boys picked me out a very pretty small flowering plant,almost looks like an african violet but it’s not!! lol

tomorrow we will be relaxing in the florida sunshine by the pool. hopefully the water won’t be as cold as it has been and i can enjoy some much needed the kids have been swimming but it has been too chilly for me! would looooove to take some pressure off my hips and back!

take a look at her site and see what she does in her spare will truly touch you.

while checking my blog stats i see some hits coming from this site i’ve never heard of before: and it mentions if you blog about them your blog goes to the front of the so this is my experiment of sorts,to see what it’s all about.obviously it’s a totally cool concept and until just a bit ago i knew nothing about it.

so go check it out and see for yourselves!! what do ya think?

alrighty, the contest will be ending today. the winner chosen this evening or tomorrow!

it’s not too late to enter!! read on for more details!

have you been lately? you need to stop by for a visit!! lots of new summer styles,more in stock sizes,daily lotteries you enter for FREE and of course crazy sales!!

blog readers can use a special discount code: blog  there is an area during the checkout process for you to input the code.

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