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BOOBS!!!! I'm thankful for not having boobs thrown in my face all the time by offensive and indecent breastfeeding mothers like the ones below. 😉 wait… well, this is a bad example. let's try again… hmmm… just a minute. surely i can find better ones than these… eh… still not racey enough. i'll check one more time. thats better. LOOK AT THAT! i see about an inch of boob! totally disgusting. ugh! look at that indecency!! she must be from some third … Read More

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july/august 2009 were very rough for me. i checked myself into a treatment center for partial hospitalization-which just means you sit in a room with a bunch of other confused(lol)individuals for about 6hrs monday thru friday for a few weeks, talking about all sorts of lovely things….

on your last day they have a special ritual of sorts where a neat coin is passed around as each person says something positive about you and how they feel about you as a person. i’d forgotten about my coin til it just appeared on my computer desk when i was looking for my business cards.

one side says: I AM POWERLESS BUT NOT HELPLESS, the flip side states  WE CANT CONTROL THE DIRECTION OF THE WIND BUT WE CAN ADJUST OUR SAILS…. just thought it re appeared with good timing and i wanted to share what it said….even tho i think i did last august too! lol

my sails need a serious kick in the ass! 😉

better late than never, right? the inevitable is happening in 7 days or less so i figured i’d better stop trying to put it off and just come to grips with it already!!

Birth plan for baby of Kelly P*****/ Kerry ******
-Please lower the surgical drape so I am able to see him being pulled from the womb
-Please allow Dad(if he is up to it,and baby is ok), to cut the cord
-Please delay all eye cream and injections until after Baby has had skin to skin contact with Mom and been put to the breast for his first nursing attempt-I understand they need to be applied within the end of the 1st hour, I just ask to have that intial hour with him before these things are performed
-Please have the Babys footprints applied to our baby book(Dad will show the page),and also to Dads surgical gown

-Please don’t forget I am also having a tubal

-If possible, stitches on the outside that dissolve would be much appreciated rather than staples

-I had an allergic reaction to the steri strips after my daughters csection, please use an alternative if it is available
-Our son will NOT be circumcised

-Please do not offer sugar water or formula of any type
THANK YOU for helping us welcome our boy into the world by allowing us to follow these few guidelines to make it memorable for us.

That 5th request is super important,i may use a hi lighter to make it stand out!! 😉

the other day i overheard this coming from lukas(5) and directed towards erika(3)……

erika,you don’t seem to understand! i am older than you. that means you HAVE to respect me,do you get it now???

omg i couldn’t stop laughing! poor lukas!! erika just looked at him as she walked away continuing about her business.


erika loves to rub my belly and talk about how she is going to hold her baby over her shoulder and pat his back ‘when he comes out’. every day she asks if he is coming out!! lol

tonight she rubbed all over my belly and tickled it telling me she was making the baby giggle in my tummy. then she leaned in and gave my belly a kiss while saying-i love you baby!!

then she points to my belly button and says-that’s how the baby got in there mommy! you see him? he is right in there!!

she REALLY wants to change his diapers too! lmao. and to be honest-she is good at it!! lol all her dolls and stuffed animals wear either a diaper or pull up-perfectly applied!


lukas points to my new printer and says:

mommy why does daddy love you so much that he bought that for you?

i reply: because he just does.(original huh?)

lukas gets this sweet grin on his face and looks me in the eye and says:

well,i bet he doesn’t love you as much as *I* do!!

guess who got dessert tonight? LMFAO

ran across this while investigating toxic house plants,thought it was cute.maybe you will too!

One day a cat dies of natural causes and goes to heaven. There he meets the Lord Himself. The Lord says to the cat, “You lived a good life and if there is any way I can make your stay in Heaven more comfortable, please let Me know.” The cat thinks for a moment and says, “Lord, all my life I have lived with a poor family and had to sleep on a hard wooden floor.” The Lord stops the cat and says, “Say no more,” and a wonderful fluffy pillow appears.

A few days later, six mice are killed in a tragic farming accident and go to heaven. Again, there is the Lord there to greet them with the same offer. The mice answer, “All of our lives we have been chased. We have had to run from cats, dogs and even women with brooms. Running, running, running; we’re tired of running. Do you think we could have roller skates so we don’t have to run anymore?” The Lord says, “Say no more,” and fits each mouse with beautiful new roller skates.

About a week later the Lord stops by to see the cat and finds him snoozing on the pillow. The Lord gently wakes the cat and asks him, “How are things since you got here?”

The cat stretches and yawns and replies, “It is wonderful here. Better than I could have ever expected. And those ‘Meals On Wheels’ you’ve been sending by are the best!”

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