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isaak had his 2 month dr visit today to check on his apnea issues and a few other lil things.

well, i was right…yeast infection on his neck.dr says keep using the lamisil once a day and the other rashes are like i thought-contact dermatitis and the stork bite on the back of his head is ok even though it has gotten bigger and bright red.

i guessed right- he is 22 inches(my ds2 was 22 inches at birth! lol). and he weighs 10.8!! so he has gained 4 pounds since birth-not too shabby!! icon_heartbeat.gif he is right about 50%th for weight and only about 25%th for height…short and chunky like mama! icon_mrgreen.gif

his head measures 15—lmfao cause ds2,his head at BIRTH was 15!! yea and VAGINAL birth it was horrific to say the least esp with the epidural that did not work,i’m still not over it!! icon_redface.gif

he got 3 shots and i felt so unsure about agreeing to them….ugh.i declined the hep b at the hospital cause did you know it is to protect against an std and only is good til 13yrs of age(about)so i told them if my kid is having sex before 13yrs he has more to worry about with ME than an std!! lol but todays shot was a combo-hep b was mixed in with polio and one other one…he got 5 vaccines and 3 pokes omg that is just too much for little ones icon_sad.gif it is such a hard choice to make with vaccines nowadays i am so worried. we have so manytough choices tomake as parents nowadays.

while waiting for the shots i had him over my shoulder and he was getting hungry so he started sucking on his forearm and OMG did he give himself the biggest darkest hickey!! lmao. i took a photo with my cell phone…goin to try and figure how to upload it later on…or take another with the digi.

the dr thought his cloth diapers were ‘way cool’. lol 😉 i’ve finally gotten confident enough to use cloth outside the home too since they hold so well and we have less leaks with cloth than disposable-even at NIGHT when wearing it for many hours straight!

almost 2 months old 9/25 wearing a small fuzzibunz



my sweet erika has turned 16 months old(the 27th)!! and the day before doing so-on august 26th she thought- HEY,i think i’ll walk today!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so she beat out lukas by like a day! lol he was 16m when he decided to walk regularly!! jakob was 12m when he took off. funny thing,she already is trying to run!! it’s so awesome,you’d think i wasn’t mom to 3 kids with how cool and giddy it makes me watching her toddle around!!

there’s 2 short vids in this entry of her first steps!! in one of them she is seen signing for ‘more’!! awww

welp,i’ve got us down to only nursing before bed now! i’m ready to quit when she is! if she takes much longer i may make that move though! lol i am so ready for some stronger pain pills.ugh! several times a day she will come up to me and pull up my shirt while speaking and signing milk. but she doesn’t want to nurse,she just wants to be sure they are still there i guess! haha

she is talking up a storm now too! and she is a MONKEY! climbing everything and anything! omg! ya she has given me another 20 grays just this month!! she looooooves to give kisses and play with cars!! she’s still not really into dolls or anything ‘girly’.understandable as she does have 2 older brothers and a mommy that isn’t super girly! but i’ve got a surprise coming for her at christmas!!! sshhh!!! 😉

she loves to sing when she hears music,it’s so funny!! she is still anti tv-a good thing!! the boys fight over it enough as it is,i don’t need her in the mix just yet!! lol

when the boys are trying to maim one another on a rough day,she is the calm in the storm.she totally helps ease my stress! altho….now that she is walking this very well may change!!! AAHHHH

she has moved up to size large in her cloth diapers. i was totally ok with this-as it meant i could BUY NEW ONES!! 😉 the great thing about cloth is the re sale value is super on most of the ones we use! she still fits a size 3 for paper dipes tho at night time. but her feet are sooooo close to being in a size 4 shoe!!!

today instead of screaming when she wanted more mamelon(watermelon),she looked at me and signed for more as she said more!! yippee!! lukas gets as excited as i do when he sees her sign! he said mommy mommy let’s call daddy and tell him what erika just did!! hehe




she has 6 teeth now!! 🙂 slowly but surely!! lol

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