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one of my most popular entries has to do with unisom while nursing….it gets numerous hits every day! hundreds total since it was posted actually! (

so i thought this too may be helpful to others!

i am dealing with insomnia (for years),and have a 9 wek old son. i didn’t need ANY assistance with sleeping until he was about 4 weeks old….the first month i still had so many hormones and was just plain non functioning from sheer exhaustion and constant nursing that i easily fell asleep. and since he woke so frequently i was worried about taking anything that wouldn’t allow me to easily wake to his hunger cues.i LOVE the release of oxytocin when i nurse my son-it really does help to relax my body and even still if he is nursing a lot that day i will fall asleep at the drop of a hat during our nursing sessions! lol

but after that first month,i no longer could easily fall asleep,nor stay asleep. it was effecting every aspect of my life. so i looked into melatonin. it is *SAFE* to take while nursing. there is a lot of differing information in the cyber world so you shouldask your own doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure-like i did! 😉 it is wise to wait until your baby is a few weeks old before you take ANYTHING for sleep. the most important factor to remember is it must be a low dose!! i’d suggest nothing over 3mg!! and only one per night(of course!)!! once you go into higher mg you risk your baby feeling some effects as well. you should start with even 1mg at first to see if it will help you,then go up from there but not over 3mg!!

melatonin is naturally produced within your body but some people just don’t have enough. i’d suggest NOT taking it unless you plan to be in bed for at least 5 hours…whether that time is spent resting or sleeping….because i can assure you i’ve not gotten 5 hours of straight sleep in months! 😉


welp,funniest thing!!i had an appt. with my pain management doc today(technically yesterday(1/6) since it is now after midnight!),and while in the waiting room i noticed a sample of a homeopathic sleep aid in the display cabinet.

i asked her about it when i went to the back but she didn’t have any of that one.instead i ended up with a bottle of guna-sleep drops and some samples of rozerem. you know…the commercial with abe lincoln and the talking beaver?? ya,THAT rozerem.

i am excited that it may work for me.she said it is safe with all the other crap i am we’ll see how tonight goes.Goodness knows i seriously need a night of deep drug induced sleep right about now.I’m ready to blow my lid! i miss my nightly dose of zolpidem! lmao that was some seriously good stuff,but i know it was time to get off it.

weird stuff to walk outta there with a sleep aid,in addition to the usual lyrica and oxycodone.oh yea….and an rx for a quad cane.oy!

then later it was on to my *THIRD*opinion about the next step for my back/leg.i really like this dr.! i saw him about 3 years ago for back pain-which i would give anything to trade for what i have now!! grrr back then of course it wasn’t serious pain,so i was given some mild muscle relaxers to take as needed and some exercises to help.

todays visit was a bit different.he too suggests my last option is the spinal fusion surgery.he said i can of course try an epidural or 2 but it is only putting off the inevitable,since my condition will not improve on its own and may continue to get he said considering my young age(lol)it is best to get it over with now so i can get back to living life.

i have daydreams about how it will be like without this pain!i see ppl walking down the street and i get angry sometimes just because they have the ability to do such a simple act that is taken for granted! *sigh* so i did it…..i said Y-E-S. now i just have to wait for the coordinator to call me with my pre-op appt date and surgery date.

i am terrified.i am scared.i am excited.i am hopeful. good mix huh?

i won’t be able to pick up my kids for several weeks. 😦 but wow-i may not need to go get that quad cane rx filled afterall! we’ll see……

the surgery might be as early as the end of this month.i told him i am seriously suffering bad and want to get it over with so i can get back to enjoying life with my kids.i miss going to sea world,walking around disney,grocery shopping without ending up in tears by the time i hit checkout…all that lovely stuff! God i cannot wait for the positive outcome of this! he pretty much guarantees me that the leg pain and problems walking/standing will GO AWAY,but is not as sure if the rest of my back pain will this point i don’t care!!i want to be able to use both legs!! lol and to stand properly without needing to balance all my weight onto the right side of my body.

i had a friend of mine basically call me a liar over an incident that happened a few days ago.i thought we were closer than that.i didn’t know she thought so poorly of me.but…ya win some and ya lose some.and apparently i am losing quite a few here lately.i seriously think i just need a whole new set of acquaintances in my life.i’m tired of the she said he said bullshit.i hated high school,i don’t want to feel like i am in it again-not now in my mid 30’s for cripes sake! i hate the nasty’s one thing to speak of others and situations(GUILTY!) but it’s another thing to talk poorly of other ppl on a regular’s just not cool! and i’m tired of pretending that it’s cool.

it was also kerrys birthday. the big *41*! he went with me to my 2nd appt and we had some errands to run as well.we also managed to grab an early dinner together on the that was nice.then we went to go pick up the littles from daycare…..only to find out that thursday will be their last day.i was shocked to say the least.just last week it was briefly discussed about them going to 3 days a week but the next day it was realized that this wasn’t an they were moved to set tuesday/thursday attendance just this week.which is fine with me.but wow….no real notice that they are being let go really sucked.especially with my surgery right around the corner.

i totally understand that she needs full time kids to make the money and that my kids’ spots aren’t netting much.but it doesn’t make it any easier to accept! lol my kids loved it there,and now i have to go thru the horrific process of finding someone else that i can trust with them…and on extremely short notice.*sigh* good thing i don’t work out of the home! i know it’s not good for the kids either-to get so comfortable with one place and suddenly be yanked out.

so yea… was one of those days that makes ya just wanna scream-LIFE SUCKS!

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