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erika to daddy: how come you didn’t give isaak your booby today? he wanted your milk!


the other day i overheard this coming from lukas(5) and directed towards erika(3)……

erika,you don’t seem to understand! i am older than you. that means you HAVE to respect me,do you get it now???

omg i couldn’t stop laughing! poor lukas!! erika just looked at him as she walked away continuing about her business.


lukas points to my new printer and says:

mommy why does daddy love you so much that he bought that for you?

i reply: because he just does.(original huh?)

lukas gets this sweet grin on his face and looks me in the eye and says:

well,i bet he doesn’t love you as much as *I* do!!

guess who got dessert tonight? LMFAO

JAKOB- mom, who is older you or kerry?

ME- well,what do YOU think? who looks older?

JAKOB- sits quietly staring at me

ME- think carefully before you answer my darling son!

we both laughed so hard he never did answer the question.hmmm,probably just as well!! haha


sitting down to dinner,my 4 yr old glances over at the kitty (who is still groggy from being neutered yesterday),and he exclaims:

awwwww,poor kitty you don’t have any balls anymoooooore.

i couldn’t help but laugh,the tone he said it in and everything was hysterical!

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